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From The Desk of the Mayor 2018



As we start this new year I want to layout a few of the improvements you will see in our community as the work unfolds. 

 The Storm Water Project will move forward with more gusto and you will notice work being done in different sections of town.  

 The 2nd & 3rd Street NE sidewalk upgrades will be completed. 

 We will continue paving roads in town and have secured $890,000 in order to repair more roads than we did last year.  Roads are paved in a cyclic manner throughout different areas of town. 

 Engineers are working on our fiber optics and construction will begin as soon as possible.  We knew going into this in 2017 that this would be a major project and construction will last until 2022.

 An engineering company is laying out the new industrial park on the east side of town and you will hear more about this as it develops. 

 These are just a few of the projects in our design for continued growth.  As always, I’m very reachable and happy to answer any questions.  Let’s all keep working together, as a team, to shine the best light on Linton as we can.  Remember to support our local businesses so we can retain them and attract others.  Best Wishes for 2018.

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